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18 January 2019
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Winners announced at the 2018 ABB LEAF Awards
Grande Fête in Frankfurt as winners of the 17th ABB LEAF Awards 2018 are announced

OUT OF THE WOODS: modular wooden skyscrapers
Penda is planning a modular wooden skyscraper for Toronto that could provide a more sustainable model for high-density city living. Frances Marcellin talks to Chris Precht, a partner at the firm, about a material hitting new heights.

The innovations list
Our favourite products from the past few months.

In the three decades since India abandoned socialism, its landmark architectural projects have been dominated by glass and steel towers wholly unsuited to the country and its climate. Overworked and underpaid, most Indian architects have few chances to try anything new, but that is not stopping a dynamic set of young designers from trying, blending antique techniques and modern aesthetics with dazzling effect. Andrea Valentino talks to architects and academics from across the country about these changes, and the continued challenges that make building so difficult.

MOVING ON UP: building gardens
Vertical gardens integrated into our cities’ high-rise buildings are giving new meaning to the term ‘urban jungle’. But to what extent do these projects genuinely improve quality of life and boost environmental performance, or do they only amount to greenwashing? Grace Allen explores the movement with botanist Patrick Blanc and architect Stefano Boeri.

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